Deliberation in terms of meaningful decision making that results in equitable consequences for the biosphere and society – whether that be local and global – constitutes a spectrum of interpretations. And so, it is this spectrum that we will explore here. This makes for a dynamic forum of concepts such as the pursuit of truths through wisdom and knowledge, the acknowledgement of belief systems and the philosophical and psychological perspectives of ethics and consensus, and striving for a space where everyone deliberating is given dignity to be heard.

Whilst the  Climate-Nature/Ecology Emergency Blueprint anchors the central theme of the Climate-Nature Emergency Hub, we aim to explore and expand on its themes and principles through a diverse lens of perspectives, including Ecocentrism and  Anthropocentrism; the Anthropocene and the Capitalocene; and the power of the imagination to return Pachamama (Mother Earth) to the sustainable state of the Holocene.