Who we are

The Climate Nature Emergency Hub is an educational resource that has been co-founded and created by Jasmin and Vanessa, with Paola as our web designer.
Our desire is to create a thought-provoking place to  encourage inquiry and inspire creativity in how we may address the existential threat to our habitable Earth – i.e. climate breakdown and the prospect of ecological collapse caused by relentless exploitation and excess consumption of Earth’s natural resources. 

In our roles as academics, artists and activists in the field of climate and ecology justice, we recognise that the Blueprint concept has the potential to open the Overton Window on political top-down decision-making. It is this Blueprint concept that is subject to our dissection and deliberation through a myriad of voices and visions – not only through the lens of global, institutionalised scientific enquiry but in the perspectives of grassroots’ philosophies and belief systems that assign a diversity of interpretations to the Blueprint. 


We welcome you to the Climate Nature Emergency Hub !

Our team

Vanessa (aka, ‘Nessy’)

Many years prior to her doctoral studies, Vanessa had originally trained as a professional classical dancer whilst having always felt an affinity for the fine arts- especially drawing and painting. She had an extensive career as a British Occupational Therapist specialising in Neuro-rehabilitation in the UK’s NHS. In her role as a Neuro- Occupational Therapist, she also worked in a voluntary capacity, for the World Health Organisation in China. During the course of her clinical work she took a sabbatical and embarked on her MSc in Experimental Psychology at the University of Sussex. 
Vanessa later became involved in climate and ecology activism and in 2020, was one of the original members who founded the UK Climate and Ecology Private Member’s Bill ‘Zero Hour’ campaign, notably, in the role as science coordinator for the first and second drafting of the Climate & Ecology Bill, with experts in the field of climate science, ecology, heterodox economics, deliberative democracy and in conjunction with a bill draftsman and lawyers.This invaluable experience with Zero Hour inspired her to conceive the idea of a Climate-Ecology Emergency Blueprint and, along with Jasmin, the creation of the Climate-Nature Blueprint Hub. 
Vanessa is a passionate advocate for the potent messaging of science through art and this is reflected through the creative features characteristic of the Hub.  


Jasmin is a social anthropologist with a doctorate from Goldsmiths, University of London and an MA from the University of Sussex. Her specialism lies in Peruvian education and citizenship in semi-urban settings. Since 2020, she has been involved in activities bridging the gap between academia and activism through Latin America’s Moving Collective and climate activism.  The experience and networks formed has led her to explore arts relationship to more caring economies, themes which she developed in the Connections project through her Urban Narratives of Conviviality-Inequality 2023 fellowship in Sao Paulo. 


Paola is an artist, web and graphic designer, front-end developer, healer and poet. In her art, she seeks to understand and communicate cosmoperceptions that reconnect human beings with their essence, bringing elements and ancestral wisdom from different peoples and cultures around the world.

She designed and developed Climate Ecology Blueprint visual identity and website.