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Earth beyond six of nine planetary boundaries

‘Whose growth in whose planetary boundaries? Decolonising planetary justice in the Anthropocene

The Collapse of Civilisation is an Unprecedented Opportunity from – Juan Pablo Gutierrez – IPCC Degrowth versus Green Growth Using Imagination to Save Cities Climate Science translated Just Stop Oil Inclusive Language Guide

Coalitions in NY: Earth Day, Friends of the Earth, Friday’s for Future, Greenpeace, Green Faith

Just Stop Oil !? Part 1 

Just Stop Oil !? Part 2 – Oil is the Economy

Just Stop Oil !? Part 3 – 10 Pathways to Post-Growth Kevin Anderson Climate and Equity Why commit to a carbon budget Why we need to restore nature – Zero Hour A joint emergency strategy (front page)

Oxfam Paper ridding GDP in favour of feminist and decolonial economies

Website about Citizens’ Assemblies and deliberative democracy

Community forestry and deliberation

Podcasts and Youtube channels Doughnut Economy

The Great Simplification:

On Economics: Steve Keen: “Mythonomics” | The Great Simplification #30

Just have a Think:

History: – Climate Apocalypse

On Knowledge and Wisdom: